“The Way Things Are” ~ Wk 3

“Change” is what President Barack Obama based his whole political campaign upon. Despite what his critics may say President Obama is certainly bringing change to Washington, D.C., in particular US politics. Being the first African-American to hold the position is an accomplishment in itself, but once you get pass the obvious what other new ideas will the Obama presidency bring to American politics?

My older brother and I usually set aside our conversations about politics for after holiday dinner discussion. This past Christmas, after the failed attempt to blow up a US plane by a terrorist, he and I got began our discussion about the reaction and actions of the President following this incident. As a Obama supporter, I felt that he would take immediate and appropriate actions to and deal with the individuals that I feel drop the ball in preventing the terrorist from boarding that US plane. My brother, on the other hand, was not so hopeful. He was quick to point out regardless of what President Obama’s persistence to bring change to US politics, he is up against something that is bigger than him and beyond his reach. Although the Barack Obama holds the title of “Leader of the Free World”, he doesn’t have as much power as he and others thinks he has.  

President Obama is quickly coming to the realization that winning the position was the easy part. In just his first year in office Obama has faced stiff opposition and will continue to do so throughout his term(s) in office. It’s been reported that his administration has seen a record number of “filibusters” blocking the changes that President Obama is trying to make. It’s my opinion that despite President Obama’s efforts to bring change the halls of Washington, he is up against a “old regiment” that is reluctant to the “change”.


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