Rule #6 ~ Don’t Take Yourself Too Serious ~ Wk 2

I’ve known Charles Q. Murphy better know as ‘CHARLIE MURPHY” or “Eddie Murphy’s brother” for over 12 years. When I heard that he had made the decision to try his hand at being a stand-up comedian I, like many, was a bit skeptical. After all Eddie Murphy’s stand-up routines are legendary and launched him into a super stardom film career. I thought to myself, “what on Earth was Charlie thinking about when he came up with this idea?” I wondered how people would respond to him, being the sibling of a very famous comedian and whether or not he would be taken seriously. More importantly, knowing Charlie’s personality, would he get offended by the comparisons to Eddie or the negative responses he may receive from hecklers attending his shows. 

Charlie has been on the road now for over 5 years now doing his stand-up routine all over the country and in overseas on a mini tour this past summer. Needless to say Charlie Murphy has carved a niche for himself as a stand-up comedian and has been very successful at doing so. Having seen more than 20 of his show over the past 3 years, up and down the East Coast, I can attest to how not taking yourself too seriously and living the journey can pay dividends of joy. 

In the clip below Charlie is doing an interview at WRCN in Medford, NY. He was performing at Nokia Theater in New York City, (I was in attendance). During the interview he is asked if Eddie ever gives him advice on stand-up and Charlie’s responds speaks directly to how we should not let certain events in our lives dictate the rest of our lives. Minor setbacks are just that, minor setbacks. 
Yes, it’s important to set goals and plan for the future but its just as important to, not only live in the moment, but embrace and enjoy it!


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