“Giving an A for Attitude” ~ Wk 1

Getting an “A” in a class was most often for me related to how much I enjoyed the class. When it became my turn to hand out grades as a teacher in a public high school in Florida, I wanted to take a different approach to giving an “A” grade. Students are not allowed to accept defeat. They are required to “do it over” until its right.

On the first day of class, I told the students in my class that I will be giving only two grades for my class. Students would either receive an “A” or “F”. There would be no “B’s” or “C’s”, it was all or nothing. My rational for doing this was simple, “either you get it or you don’t”, there would be no fence riding.  Since I gave open book test and gave the answers to test and quizzes in the prior class before administering it, each student was given every opportunity to succeed at the highest level. I was much more interested in students showing a clear understanding of the subject matter (HTML, web design) than grading them on an alphabetized grading system. It was more important that students knew how to solve the problems and where to get answers to questions that might arise.


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