“Its All An Idea” Wk 1

The week is the first week of the 11th month. One month left of the 12 month Education Media Design & Technology Masters Program at Full Sail University in Winter Park FL. Media Asset Creation is the name of the course. We are expected to put together a media project and the content proposal for that project. According to the syllabus the objective is to find the right media tool to document what was learned and experience over the past 10 months. I honestly will have to make a deliberate effort to review month 1-10 and tie it all into this media project.

Addressing the questions and discoveries made in the research for the thesis I’m required to write in order to complete this program is the primary task at hand. My thesis is based on the increased high school drop out rates in the United States and using e-learning  to help solve the problem.  Media being a vital part of e-learning its important to understand how to create media rich educational material. 

I feel that it’s our people a disservice not to use some of the most sophisticated technology to educate kids and employees. President Obama should appoint a Czar of Education Technology Integration to bring all US schools into the 21 Century; that would also have to include the administration and teachers. Let’s face it, one can create some of the most high tech educational learning tools but if no one ever uses them, you are left with virtual nothing.


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