My new “Circle of Friends” ~ Top 100 VC Blogs

A man is caught robbing a bank and asked by the detectives who arrest him “Why did you rob the bank?” To which the bank robber responds “I robbed the bank because that’s where the money is!” Well for all those 21st Century “web-preneurs”  like myself, who are looking for where the money is to start the new Facebook or Twitter. Fidelity Ventures partner Larry Cheng has put together a list of Top 100 Venture Capital Blogs. The knack for figuring out how to evaluate startups can prove to be valuable information when seeking new ventures in the industry. 

I know a lot of my classmates at Full Sail University enrolled in the EMDT Masters Program might be wondering what’s next after completing the program? I say “Web-preneurship”. Good ideas attract resources and this list could prove to be just the valuable resources. Happy Venture Capital Blogging!

One thought on “My new “Circle of Friends” ~ Top 100 VC Blogs

  1. You never know where the next great idea will come from. It may be you or it may be one of your friends. Right now with the economy more and more people are coming up with very creative ways to make money.

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