New Cyber Czar to fight “Weapons of Mass Disruption”

President Obama has created the position of “Cyber Czar”. The first of it’s kind in a presidential administration. I liken the position to that of the US Attorney General but of the Internet. President Obama’s decision to create such a post is just another example that he is in tune with the sign of the times. The power of technology opens the door for terrorist and criminal networks that could be detrimental to national and local security. Hackers with the click of a mouse can use as the President describes it as “Weapons of Mass Disruption” to shut down such technological infrastructures as the air traffic control system at a major airport or the utility grid power major cities. President Obama is quick to point out that the primary duties of the position will be to, “deter, prevent, detect and defend” against such cyberattacks and in no way use this position to monitor “private sector networks” for all those critics concerned about the government invading on our privacy. I wonder if this means that the tourist and criminals will be using Twitter and MySpace to communicate within their organizations?

Obama names Cyber Czar Post


One thought on “New Cyber Czar to fight “Weapons of Mass Disruption”

  1. I just read an article where companies who hope to get a piece of this pie in contracts are already looking for talented recruits.

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