Protecting your ideas could be worth billions

How ironic that this week’s discussion board topic for my Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Skill Development class is copyrights since this past week social networking giant Facebook was forced to settle a lawsuit brought by Aaron Greenspan. Greenspan claims to have been the one who came up with the nae Facebook book while he and Mark Zuckerberg were at Harvard University. 

In the article, Aaron Greenspan Settles Trademark Dispute With Facebook, its reported how Greenspan came up with the idea in 2003. Greenspan sent an email to Harvard students describing the newest feature of houseSYSTEM as “the Face Book,” an online service for finding other students. It was four months before Mr. Zuckerberg started his own site, originally “”

Although Zuckerberg is credited with whole idea of Facebook its apparent now that he “borrowed” the name and now its time to pay for it! Goes to show you how just one simple idea can eventually be worth billions of dollars.

Protect your ideas!


One thought on “Protecting your ideas could be worth billions

  1. This happens a lot. When people start making money, then others come out of the closets. And this does show how important copyright is. Can he prove it?

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