Social Networking kills E-commerce

I have to admit I’ve never bought or sold anything on eBay. I am however fascinated by the overwhelming success of the company or should I say its previous success. From the looks of things the “diverse and passionate community of individuals”  that eBay Inc. speaks about in it’s mission statement appear to have been lured away by the likes of MySpace and Facebook. According to eBay defector Keith Rabois in his TechCrunch article “How Facebook, MySpace and YouTube Killed eBay”,  he, like other top Internet executives such as Peter Thiel (Facebook), Chad Hurlley and Steve Chen of YouTube were once part of the excitement that once graced now “bureaucratic and political MBA culture” (Robois May 2009). Is our need to be social helping or hurting our global economy?


One thought on “Social Networking kills E-commerce

  1. Interesting question. But eBay made some bad business decisions also. Not to mention the current economic crisis. Many have stopped selling on ebay because the prices went done so far. We have to remember that the internet is always evolving. And even online companies can make bad decisions.

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