Learning from the bottom to the top

When I first starting teaching web design I remember going over my lesson plans repeatedly. I wanted to above all things be prepared to answer just about every question thrown at me by my students. Afterall, I was suppose to be the authority on the subject and anything less I thought would hurt my credibility. Being a first year teacher I enlisted the advise of one of my mentors who was quick to point out that there is a good chance that some of my students would be much more familiar with the technology I supposed to instruct them on. She told me to embrace it. By allowing some of the students teach the class on occasion would not only help teach me learn the technology but also empower the student and therefore create a seamless learning environment.

In Sara Armstrong’s article Students Teach Technology to Teachers  she reports how students are helping teachers better understand how students learn new technology by not going through the uneventful lesson plans that accompany teacher text books. Referring to a program where students are preparing lessons for student teachers to follow.  Generation www.Y seems to be the way of the future for teachers. “And a child shall lead them”; looks like the increase in new technology means role reversal in the classroom.


One thought on “Learning from the bottom to the top

  1. I used to teach both Photoshop and Web Design too. And I actually got in trouble once from my boss, for saying I don’t know something about Photoshop but we (students and me) will find out the answer. There are a few guru’s out there, but most of the people who use Photoshop, know very little about it. I am so glad that this is changing. We learn from you also.

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