What the heck is EMDT?

When I first walked into the admissions office at Full Sail University it was my intent to enroll in the Entertainment Business Masters Degree program. I had worked in the entertainment industry for the past 15 years in various capacities and saw the program as a way of furthering my career. Despite my feeling the burnout from being in the corporate arena, which led me to take a year off and try my hand at teaching in public school, I felt, at the time, that a masters degree in entertainment would  so how rejuvenate my interest. It was not until Pat, an admissions assistant, asked “are you by any chance a teacher?” to which I responded “I have a teaching certificate, I taught at a public high school one year, but not sure if I would call myself a teacher”. She then asked “are you aware of the Education Media Design & Technology Masters program here at Full Sail University?” My interest was immediately sparked. To which I responded, “what the heck is EMDT? 

“The Education Media Design & Technology unique online degree program is designed to give teachers and corporate trainers the tools to bridge the gap between traditional education and the ever-expanding realm of technology and media, allowing them to create education for the 21st century.” (2009 Full Sail University website)

The program has opened a new chapter in my life. I have to admit I was a bit jaded with the traditional way of teaching based on my experience as a student. I became more cynical about the education experience after actually having my own class and teaching. I felt that with the Internet learning and teaching should be different and unfortunately I was wrong. Despite all the technologies available the traditional teaching methods were for the most part still dominating the classroom. The EMDT program provides structure on how to effectively use technology to educate not only students in academic settings, but also the general public. With the ever-expanding realm of technology and media, there has to be someone to teach it. 

If the true meaning of life is service, then my service to the world will be to use my EMDT Masters to teach these new technologies and media to the world. Thanks Pat!


One thought on “What the heck is EMDT?

  1. Nice post. Life somethings leads us in new and exciting directions. But degree really is not that far off. Corporate training is a growing area. Business are using these tools to help their employees collaborate. Just like we need to use these tools in the classroom to help our students adapt to the new skills they will need in the future, business need to teach their own employees too.

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